I'm a multi-dimensional and transformational healer, shaman,
and evolutionary architect in private practice since 2004.

I offer healing sessions, invocations,
light language activations 
and trainings for individuals and groups,
as well as hold 
sacred retreats and global visioning
sessions worldwide.

Reach out with any questions!

~ Namaste, Valerie  

Activate your Highest Potential 

Featured Experiences

As a multi-dimensional shaman, I offer a unique blend of Western and Eastern sessions combined with a cosmic intuition to activate your highest self!

Activate Your Highest Potential 

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Galactic Shaman 

Ascension Mastery 

Intuitive Development

Sacred Journeys


EGYPT Special Past Life Akashic Records Reading.


Akashic Field Therapy

Quantum Healing, Releases patterns at the Soul Level

5D Multidimentional Session

Mix of several modalities tailored to your needs