1/20 Codes of the Beloved - Dragon Temples of the Magi

Transmission + Activation

w/Valerie Elster

A primordial deep dive to activate the essence of divine love for self and transmit the Beloved codes of Venus,  energy that defines how best we experience emotional connection with others.  

We’ll journey through the Dragon Temples with a Rose Meditation + Venus Transmission. 

The Temples are within!

During our time together, we’ll open and recover the following:

✨Codes of the Beloved Rose Transmission 
✨Dragon Temples of the Magi Activation

✨Rose Meditation 

✨English / Light Language 

✨Private Group 
✨Zoom video + recording 

10-12 spots 

Sacred exchange: $111
✨90 minutes

1/20 at 1:11 pm PST


Check for your local time here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/