2019 Classes / Activations

11/11 Halls of Wisdom - Venus Transit 
Activation of Divine Power

Webinar + Transmission 

11:11 am PST - 90 minutes 

Navigate the celestial realms with me on this powerful gateway of divine wisdom, power and beauty with Venus as our guide. 

Opening the Halls of Wisdom for your next phase and mission on Earth. 

We’ll delve into the mysteries of Venus in this Zoom webinar. 

*Opening mediation at 11:11 am 

*Activating the Hall of Wisdom 

*Personal Healing - Codes of Freedom 

*Aligning with Divine Wisdom of the Akashic Elders

*Recorded if you can’t make this LIVE

$111.11 exchange 

In person in Redondo Beach, CA or online via Zoom

11 spots 

Reach out w/questions!

Love, Valerie