12/21 Timeline Mapping / Pillars of Light Atlantis 

12/21 at 12:21 PM PST 

**40 minute transmission + activation**

Zoom Webinar 

The 12/21/19 Gateway brings to completion a 7 year cycle that started on 12/12/12. 

We’ll go on a group deep dive to recover/remember this magical land, the most advance civilization that exists in the physical realm (compared to Lemuria which mainly resided in the non-physical / etheric space)

I’ve recovered my memories from this magical paradise and had to heal and release the trauma as well from the destruction. In 2013, I was told that many Atlantis outposts would be reappearing in the physical. 

If you’re feeling to connect deeper with this portal and all of its magic, then join me on an auspicious day this Saturday 12/21 at 12:21 pm PST

Date: 12/21

Time: @ 12:21 pm 

Exchange: $44.44 

*20 spots open* 

(paypal link below or Venmo)

Place: Zoom webinar 

FB in a Private Group

Replay will be available if you’re unable to make the LIVE!


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