2/1 Lemurian Activation: KA / Rainbow Body Update +


w/Valerie Elster

As we enter the Aquarian Age and the dawn of a new era,

new ways of doing and being and a set of new ascension codes from Lemuria has emerged.  

We’ll go on a group deep dive into this civilization and journey into the portal of MU.

KA Body update opens to the Throat Chakra,

speaking and moving into a Higher Truth within!

Accessing / harmonizing with new codes of creation. 

During our 75 minute Zoom portal, we'll cover:

✨KA / Rainbow Body Update 
✨Codes of Creation 
✨Dragon Portal - Magnetic Resonance
✨Lemurian Light Codes - Group Healing

✨Light Language English

✨Private FB Group 

2/1 at 10:10 am 

$111 exchange 





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