2:14 Dolphin Twin Ray Transmission: Crossing the Ancient MU Portal 
**90 Minute Transmission + Activation** 

Journey to the Dolphin Portal of MU with this Solar Rays of New Beginnings

Transmission as we deep dive into the Heart of Creation.  

We’ll visit the Lemurian / MU portal an activation journey through ancients and playful alignment with the dolphins.  

High heart connects to the Cosmic Birthing Portal. 

We’ll list the Ancient Portal of MU on the Island of Maui where I was in ceremony in October 2017. 

During the 90 minutes, we’ll:

Twin Ray Transmission 

Knowledge of Lemurian Ancients - Meditation

Seasonal Alignment - Sacred Architecture of the Rose

High Heart Activation - Group Healing 

Codes of Creation
Bring your visions for 2021

English / Light Language

Live via Zoom - recording after
Exchange: $88