2:21 Twin Ray Template - Activating your Inner Union 

A powerful meeting of the masculine/feminine grid lines to unite humanity in a beautiful divine Union 

Twin Ray Template also being grounded / integrating today 2/16/21. 

For the experience of duality, we split in two separate spheres of light and now it is time to once again complete the divine union between our male and female divine selves.  

Aligning with Sirius Star, gateway to the Pole / Shift out of Duality

A continuation from my last activation and pulling from the weavings and rainbow unity codes that into being

during a magical snow ceremony on 1/11/18 on my way to Medicine Lake in Mt. Shasta. 

We’ll be covering:

*Twin / Double Gateway Codes 
*Attunement to Sirius Star 
*Rainbow Bridge Alignment 
*Individual Healing
*AN Transmission 

*90 minutes 

ZOOM LIVE video Conference w/Recording 

$111 exchange

Room for 10-12 beloveds.