5:21 Return: Gaia Reunification Activation + Transmission
A 90 minute Activation + Meditation + Healing on Zoom 

GAIA reunification energetic on high this whole month, join me to ground / heal / nourish these major plasma and primordial downloads.  

Feeling a Re-unification of the Species Forthcoming a true re-union of souls as we merge with our selves and possible outer partner as well.

During our time together we’ll delve into:

🌎3 Codes of Renewal = 9809090 
🌎Gaia Star Activation 
🌎Dragon Womb Meditation 
🌎Individual Healing 
🌎Private FB Group

Date: 5.21.21

​Time: 1:11 pm PST

Exchange: $133 

10-12 spots 

**Recording available after in the private group!**

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