7/17 - Diamond Bridge - Atlantis & Lemuria TWIN Rising Activation 

Atlantis & Lemuria are merging as our Diamond Selves Update to re-Encode the Field of Awareness. 

Join me for this 7/17 TWIN Activation in prep for the 8/8 Lion’s Gate FLAME arriving in August. 

Grounding the diamond heart frequency in the twin flame energetic spiral. 

A powerful meeting of the masculine/feminine grid lines to unite humanity in a beautiful divine Union 

Weaving the rainbow unity codes into being during a magical snow ceremony on 1/11/18 on my way to Medicine Lake in Mt. Shasta, I've been gestating these Twin codes since then.

Many times we receive information in the etheric realms before it grounds fully here.

Pulling the frequency of 1111 into being!

We’ll be covering:

*Twin Gateway Codes 
*Attunement to 1111 Code
*Opening 89890089012 
*Diamond Bridge Alignment 
*Individual Healing/ Attunement 
And more!

90 minutes ZOOM LIVE video Conference w/Recording available afterward 

$111 exchange

Room for 10-12 beloveds.