7:7 Atlantis Re:Birth - Connecting to

Original Source Codes Activation + Transmission

 ✨75 minute Transmission + Activation 

Opening spaces for re:birth and connecting to our Oringal Source Codes. Atlantis remains one of the most important times in our collective remembrance, a dream of returning to a water society once again!

Join me on FB LIVE 7.7 at 1:11 pm PST.

We’ll journey with:

💠Elemental Attunement - Cetaceans / Water Kingdom
💠Atlantis Pearl Transmission 
💠Water Activation - Synch to current Magnetic / Ley Lines 
💠Update to Pineal Gland / Source Seeds
FB Live in a private group 

💠$88 exchange 

​Date: Wednesday, July 7

Time: 1:11 pm PST 

Exchange: $88 

**Recording available after in the private group!**

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