Valerie Elster, RMT, Akashic Field Therapy, Gem/Flower Essence Practitioner, Matrix Energetics, Galactic Shaman. 

Since 2004, Valerie has shared her expertise in various modalities to facilitate  a person's optimal healing and life alignment in the areas of metaphysics, the healing arts, energy medicine, the Akashic Records and Gem/Flower Essences.


She is skilled at affecting a person's direct well being by providing clarity and 

removing blocks in any dimension.


2012 was an explosive and life-changing year for Valerie as she embarked on a major expansion and journey into anchoring the Gaia Grids, downloading Atlantean codes, communing with the Galactic Council, and received guidance from many Ascended Masters and Goddesses.


She is in process of co-creating a new methodology that parallels human

consciousness and optimizes decision making.


Her training includes Reiki (Master Teacher), Akashic Field Therapy (Worldwide Trainer), Matrix Energetics (Level 2) and Star Essence Practitioner.

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"I have worked with a lot of healers in my life and they all served their purpose in their own ways, however I have NEVER worked with anyone quite like Valerie or met anyone quite like her in my life. She is an amazing beautiful spirit inside and out. She has this amazing comforting energy that just makes you feel safe and secure. My life has changed drastically since working with Val. I was pleasantly surprised and happy with how deep and transformative her healing is. It is because of her she has opened me up to my true soul's path and purpose and has guided me and directed me to this sacred dwelling I have been fantasizing about my entire life. Her friendship, mentorship and ways of teaching have evolved and enlightened me into the true light being I am. I would highly recommend anyone to go to her for sessions or for courses as she is a true gift of divinity. Angel goddess divine spirit of beingeness. You will be forever blessed coming into contact with Val. Thank you Val for being so amazing and being you. You truly make this planet a more beautiful sacred place. Namaste my beautiful friend" - Lindsay M. - Canada 

About Valerie Elster


"Love is the fertile ground for all else to blossom." 

- Valerie Elster