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Akashic Field Therapy

Private - One onOneTraining

​Akashic Field Therapy offers profound healing across timelines and multi-dimensional realities that bring positive effects to your daily life here and now.

Learn how to access, identify and SHIFT subconscious beliefs and free up your most magnificent self in this 4 week remote training (or local if you live in LA area)

Through AFT, a tool of emotional healing and transformation at the sub-atomic level, one can release past blocks and allow the full potential of positive growth and true expressions, rediscover one’s authentic self and start creating from a place of true freedom.

Your relationship to the Akashic is very important, and you'll learn to access, interpret the energetic information stored there and perform an update by releasing the blocked patterns that no longer serve your soul's growth, including:

Discover what is holding you back from your authentic self by taking an in-depth look into any unresolved core traumatic experiences that can create repeating patterns of limiting behavior, emotional blocks, irrational fears or negative beliefs.

Learn or enhance your ability to:

*Heal past traumas at the core level
*Unravel limiting beliefs
*Banish irrational fears
*Unwind outdated routines
*Empower your everyday decisions!!

After the training:
-Have an increased level of spiritual consciousness
-Learn how to release traumas surrounding family or relationships, fears about living an authentic life, changing careers, or limiting beliefs holding you back, keeping you stuck in one place
-Heal & Transmute any issue as it comes up
-Develop Healing Affirmations that will assist you after the class
-Learn to generate chi or life force energy to update your record


Tuition includes:
*AFT Level One Manual
*4-6 week training depending on our meeting schedule
*Completion certificate
*PLUS 1 additional call after the training with Valerie!

Developed by CJ Martes and inspired by the theory of Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Akashic Field Therapy gives you powerful tools that you can use for the rest of your life!

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