Akashic Mastery - Cities of Light

- Atlantis Codes 

An 8 week group journey into the most advanced civilization on Earth!

We are entering a time of great change on Earth. As New Atlantis rises from the domination of control, we’ll revisit the past patterns you may be holding in your Akashic Record. Over this 8 week journey, we’ll also delve into t
he magic and beauty of this group, including technology, crystal structures, advancement in neurokinesis and teleportation 

Connect with this lifetime where many of the technology created still has application for Earth now minus the control programs! 

*Receive an individual key code for personal healing and transformation 
*Planetary healing meditations 
*Activations, light language 
*Dolphin and whale communication 

Our journey includes:

*Weekly sessions - 8 total
*Includes a one on one session with Valerie 
*All sessions recorded 
*Private FB Group

Group Training starts: May 23, 2019

then 7 consecutive Thursdays 

Time: 3:33 pm PST 

Exchange: $1111

​Deposit: $555.50 to hold your spot

(payment plan available)

Use button below to pay via PayPal or contact me for other options!

Five spots available!! 

Starts May 23rd!! 

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