Akashic Mastery Heart of Lemuria

6 week Container Launches 10/20! 
11:11 am PST 

Journey to the Heart of Lemuria and connect with ancestors, dragons, whales and open up a deeper conversation with your ancient self. 

This center of MU called to me in October 2017, and I recovered my memories from this magical paradise along with healing and releasing the trauma. 

We’ll go on a group deep dive into this civilization and journey into the portal of MU.

The Lemurian Age stretched from approximately 4,500,000 BC to about 12,000 years ago. Until the sinking of the continents of Lemuria, and later of Atlantis, there were seven major continents on this planet. 

*Lemurian Light Transmissions 
*Reconnection to Ancient Remembrance 
*Weekly Activations / Meditations

*Updates to your Akashic Record
*All classes recored if you miss one

LIVE from Redondo Beach, CA. In the time of Lemuria, California was part of the Lemurian continent!

6 weeks training + activation 
5 spots 
$555 exchange ($222 deposit)

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