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Light Language Activation
Sacred Tones of the Divine​

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Join me to gain a deeper understanding of your connection to this ancient remembrance!

The Language of Light is a language of energy field and DNA instruction, but can also be a language of communication between us and other planetary civilizations of intelligence. 

It is the spiritual language that we all remember on a soul level, a primordial energetic language that re-patterns, activates and resets your energy-field, helps you access your innate wisdom and promotes your emotional physical mental wholeness.
Many of you resonate with these languages, as it reminds you of home, and it will activate your very soul. 

I used Light Language in sessions, classes, planetary activations, to communicate & translate in the multidimensional landscape. It began to spontaneously channel through starting in 2013.  

It’s quantum in nature because it’s the interaction with an observer/receiver that creates specific information from the dynamic potential of Light Language, or the metaphoric rainbow from the prism.

It’s also a galactic language of love and light carrying “encodements” for frequency healing. 

During my light language transmissions, people often experience many things, including: 

*Awakenings to other lifetimes, dimensions, realities 
*Shifts in awareness 
*Spontaneous star-based and planetary memories
*Innate gifts or abilities once lay dormant 

Everyone can speak at least one Light Language,

for your original tongue is a language of your Soul! 

We’ll meet everyone other week for 8 weeks (4 meetings total)

with homework in between,

unlimited contact with me via email/FB messenger,

recorded classes and more.

Exchange: $888

5 people max for this container!

Launches: Sunday, September 22

3:33 pm PST 

​Deposit: $444 to hold your spot

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