Ancient Remembrance:

Original Codes + Blueprints 

*A 5 Month Study Group

Launches Sunday 8/1/21 

Whatever it is that you're holding, 
the vision, the downloads, the technology.. 
if you've been afraid to share... 
Now is the time to share it!!

Part of my purpose is to hold space, to listen, to mirror at a high level.

Meaning, if you're receiving information (codes) that you don't understand, I can help decipher.

My years as a Galactic liaison, shaman, Akashic Records reader and Blueprint Activator has allowed me to listen deep..

And uncover MANY of my soul aspects from other dimensions, spaces and timelines

“what can YOU offer to the world that is awakening?” 

We're all part of this MAJOR unfolding for Gaia!

Join me for a 5 month immersion as we cover:

✨Session #1 - Gaia Sophia - Birth of Light / Codes of Renewal 
✨Session #2 - Ancient Remembrance - Egypt + Mesopotamia + Jordan 
✨Session #3 - Original Seed Blueprint - Light Language Activations 
✨Session #4 - Group Healing / Translation of Blueprints 
✨Session #5 - Closing / Source Codes Group Update 

For anyone either trying to figure out their purpose/unlock their potential or if you're already receiving information and need help to understand, translate. 

5 month container - meets 1x month on Zoom 

All Classes Recorded 
Private FB group to discuss in between

Sliding Scale Exchange: $555 to $1111

​Payments: Use Register button to enter amount on Paypal or invoice via Square,

Venmo, Zelle also accepted.  

8-10 Spots Available


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