8 day Immersion w/Valerie Elster 

Ancient Wisdom Mapping 
8 day Immersion w/Valerie Elster 

Launches Tuesday 7/17 / 11:11 am PST 

Then seven consecutive days at 11:11 am PST for approx. an hour 

We’ll delve deep into the Akashic Records for a full understanding of all the ancient civilizations, teachings of Atlantis, Lemuria & Egypt and more! 


Ancient Grids

Research in to the Origin of Hu-Man

Divine Origins

Star Family Genealogy 

Update in the Twin Flame Field / TF Physics

Knowledge of the Akashic in Collective Terminology

Whatever else shows up!

As it typically happens in my classes, I teach via English, Light Language, Signs and Symbology and what comes in depends on the energy of the container. 

Spontaneous healing & laughter most likely :)

Location: Online (Zoom) or In person (Redondo Beach)


Donation based sliding scale 

$222 to $444 

All classes recorded.  

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Ancient Wisdom Mapping

8 day Immersion w/Valerie Elster