Egypt Experience Package

If you're unable to join us on our Sacred Summer Solstice Journey through Egypt, and you are still resonating with wanting to feel the Essence of our trip,

we are offering a Powerful package including, 

 🌟3 of our most powerful ceremonies at sacred sites. (Audio or Video)

 🌟Aura cleansing & light body spray that will be made on our journey. 

A special blend of Nile River water and essential oils blessed in the energy of our sacred ceremony in the Valley of the Kings during the Summer Solstice! 

🌟 Just added, a 30 minute Anhk healing session with me!! <3

 🌟Egyptian encoded crystal bowl sound journey with light language activation! (audio or video)

"All who purchase the Experience Package your energy will be included in the blessings and activations during the ceremony to receive the codes we will be anchoring in!"

🌟US Shipping included. All packages will be shipped out no later than 7/7/17. 

​Exchange: $333