​​​EGYPT - Spring Equinox / Temples of Illumination 
Merging of the Masculine/Feminine Gates 

**March 16-28, 2018**

Journey the Spring Equinox Activation Portals of Divine Light and Illumination throughout Sacred Egypt on this epic adventure to re-ground and Activate the Divine Union Template within!

Travel for thirteen days through some of the world's most sacred lands, monuments and temples from Aswan and the Red Sea, to Luxor, Marsa Alam & Cairo! Walk ancient cities that will ignite a sacred remembrance within.

Continuing the powerful energy from our Summer Solstice Journey, Facilitators Valerie Elster, Jessica Jones and Jamie Love return to navigate this amazing sacred journey with you along with special guest, Sound Maestro Nick Miano, and lovingly guided throughout Egypt by Master Guide & Egyptologist, Essmat Sonay. 

Along with visiting this sacred land, immerse yourself in the divine gifts of: 

*PRIVATE Temple Ceremony (Philae Temple, Dendera Temple & Kom Ombo) Sound Healing
*Sacred Ceremony & Light Language Activations 
*Spring Equinox Activation
*Private/Group Akashic Records
*Essential Oils Protocols
*Kundalini Yoga
*Individual/Group Sound Healing Therapy 
*Traditional Nubian House, Nile Cruise, Spa Resort


Day 1 - March 16
Flight to Cairo / Flight to Aswan 
-Check in / Overnight Nubian Cataract

Day 2 - March 17
-Self Care DAY including: Yoga, Meditation, Individual Essential Oil consultations, Akashic Records Insights, Individual Sound Healing Journeys 
-Group Welcome Dinner - Dance Party! 
-Overnight at Nubian Cataract

Day 3 March 18
-Sail to Elephantine Island
*Temple of Khnum considered to be home of this important Egyptian god, and while this structure dates back to the Queen Hatshepsut 18 dynasty.
*Nubian museum
*Back to Nubian Cataract, overnight.

Day 4 - March 19 
*SPECIAL visit to Philae temple / Private SOUND Healing Experience**
The temple was dedicated to the goddess Isis, particularly popular in the Roman era when pilgrims would travel to this temple from all over the Mediterranean world. 
*Back to Nubian Cataract, dinner & overnight.

Day 5 - March 20 - **Spring Equinox Sound Healing Adventure
*Monastery of St. Simeon
One of the largest and best preserved Coptic monasteries in of all Egypt. 
*Tomb of Nobles - the site is filled with tombs of nobles dating from the Old Kingdom till the Roman Reign period. 
**Back to Nubian Cataract
—SPECIAL Spring Equinox Sound Healing Adventure, dinner, overnight

Day 6 - March 21
*Red Sea & Wadi Elgemal park - JEEP Tour
*Check in hotel Hilton Marsa Alam at Red sea.

Archeological sites to include:
*Isis temple, Serapis temple and mining site of Emerald at Marfuah.
*Natural sites, amazing panorama view of park hills.
*Fustat Wadi..its a tents camp that set at park.
*Eco lodge w/ African wild animals, birds, etc.
*Camel ride at Wadi & Safari 
-Back to Hilton Hotel at Marsa Alam, dinner, overnight.

Day 7 - March 22
A day for SPA, sea & resort activities
-Ecstatic Dance 
-Overnight at Hilton Hotel at Marsa Alam.

Day 8 - March 23
Check in at Aswan Cruise 
- Private Sound Bath, Essential Oil consults
-Yoga, Akashic Record
*Dinner & overnight on Cruise.

Day 9 March 24
*Sail to Komombo temple / (PRIVATE Sound Healing CEREMONY) 
Dinner, overnight on Cruise.

Day 10 - March 25
*Sail to Edfu temple - The Temple of Edfu is an ancient Egyptian temple located on the west bank of the Nile known in Greco-Roman times as Apollonopolis Magna, after the chief god Horus-Apollo. It is one of the best preserved temples in Egypt. The temple, dedicated to the falcon god Horus, was built in the Ptolemaic period between 237 and 57 Bc.
**Sail to Luxor, dinner, overnight on Cruise.

Day 11 - March 26
Temple Dandera - Hathor
**SPECIAL - Private entry to *Crypt (underground level) for Sound Healing Journey 
Best preserved temples in Egypt, known as the “Castle of the Sistrum” or House of Hathor.
*Back to Luxor, flight back to Cairo, check in Kempenski Hotel, overnight at Cairo.

Day 12 - March 27
Sakkara complex
**GALACTIVATION at Step Pyramid 
*Step Pyramid of King Djoser, at the Saqqara archaeological site. Built around 2630 BC, this special pyramid Pyramid is the world's oldest major stone structure 
*Maya tomb, Serapeum
* Free night at Elfeshawy Cafe.
-Shesha, Cafe, mint tea, back to Kempenski
Dinner, overnight. 

Day 13 - March 28 
End of trip!! Back home


$4444 USD for everything mentioned below 
- Double Occupancy as the Private House & our Sailing Vessell are shared accomadations 

For the Hotels in Cairo/Marsa Alam, you can request a single Occupancy (email for pricings/details)

-To join this special journey, request a registration form and 
a $1111 - deposit holds your spot / first come basis!!

Last day for deposit is 12/11/17

-$3333 trip balance due by latest 1/11/18 

*Flight to Aswan from Cairo.
*Flight to Cairo from Luxor.
*2 Nights at Kempinski Cairo hotel, breakfast & dinner
*5 nights at Nubian Cataract at Aswan (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
*2 nights at Hilton Marsa Alam, Red sea (breakfast & dinner)
*3 Special permission for PRIVATE sound healing at Philae, Dandara, Komombo.
*Drive to Wadi park by 4×4 Jeep Safari.
*3 night cruise sailing from Aswan to Luxor (full board)
*Entrance fees to all sites as mention in program. 
*Airport arrival and departure transfer. 
*All transfers in private air condition vehicles.
*All tips during tour and sites seeing.
*BBQ lunch after tour at Sakkara.


*Flight to/from Cairo 
*Visa fee upon arrival.
*Any meals that not mentioned in program

*Any other tips or activities not mentioned 


RMT, Akashic Field Therapy, Gem/Flower Essence Practitioner, Matrix Energetics, Galactic Shaman. Since 2004, Valerie has shared her expertise in various modalities to facilitate a person's optimal healing and life alignment in the areas of metaphysics, the healing arts, energy medicine, the Akashic Records and Gem/Flower Essences. 2012 was an explosive and life-changing year for Valerie as she embarked on a major expansion and journey into anchoring the Gaia Grids, downloading Atlantean codes, communing with the Galactic Council, and received guidance from many Ascended Masters and Goddesses. This is her 2nd Trip as facilitator to Egypt. 

Jessica Jones is a highly sought after soul embodiment mentor, speaker and spiritual teacher. She is a maven at deconstructing outdated programs and egoic beliefs to anchor in a higher awareness of consciousness to unlock individual’s highest calling. As a living embodiment of our true magical, super nature she leads by example in the way that she shows up and her ability to see the divine in every living being. She facilitates and leads retreats all over the world guiding people more deeply into their truth through kundalini yoga, meditation, mentoring, esoteric wisdom teachings, and DNA activation using essential oils. Her entire life is devoted to the involution of consciousness that is leading humanity to evolving out of the egoic, shadow human into the soul, divine human template.

Jamie Love is a multifaceted entrepreneur, public speaker, and a leader in the health & wellness industry. She uses essential oils and other tools to aid in times of transition, and more importantly in helping people take the "big leap" to their next level. She provides support, clarity & tools to all types of healers, and those looking to experience wellness in all areas of their life, assisting people to be present in their life in every moment, without judgment. Her unique approach encourages individuals to let go of what isn't working for them in favor of pragmatic tools that can easily transform emotional, physical and energetic dis-ease into peace and harmony. 

Nick Miano is Sacred Sonic Alchemist and Vibrational Medicine Facilitator sourcing multidimensional awareness from Ancient Lemuria, Egypt and Planet Quindem. 
As a high vibrational channel, he expresses higher dimensional freuqencSEAS while connecting and sharing codes from pure source concioussness through light language, ancient voice, harmonic overtone singing and a range of sacred instruments, including: Didjeridoo, Crystal bowls, Lemurian horn, Sacred tuning forks, 432hz handpan, Flutes, Chimes, High vibrational crystals and much more.

Deposit: $1111 

Full Price: $4444 - PayPal payments to velster@icloud.com (friends & family) or Venmo. Contact for other methods!! :)