​​​​Fall Equinox Transmission +

Activation 2020 Vision 
from Mothership Alliance and Grid Activations
Join Valerie and Shamir for a 2020 Vision Ceremony on

Fall Equinox Wednesday 9/22 at 

​✨11:11 am PST
​✨19.11 BST
​✨20.11 CET


In multidimensional weavings, Shamir and Valerie have been working with many pieces from Lemuria to Egypt via Atlantis, the dragons,

Turtle Island  the list goes on and on!

Related to this 2020 September Equinox,  we feel a massive clearing of the Abrahamic templates, a reconnection of the original tribes of Israel as a global template bringing back the original Christed templates of the Logos and the Sophia in Union. 

These are huge ancestral, cultural, individual, collective planetary realignments that are coming into place.

Balancing point equinox = see you with 2020 Vision. 

Topics include: 

​✨3 Earths / 3 Timelines 
​✨3 Stones (Emerald / Sapphire / Ruby) + Red Pearl 
*The Mystical Masculine
​✨Abbey - 7 underground vaults / rivers
​✨Light Language / English 

Zoom LIVE Video 
​✨60 minutes 

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