Ancient Timeline Mapping 

:Transformational Sessions:

Once you've activated your multi-dimensional awareness 

(ie. ancient timeliness, especially Atlantis, Lemuria & Egypt) understand that you will most likely also re-engage with whatever aspect of your soul that holds a memory of that time. 

Part of clearing distortions in the holographic field is to reveal/heal any distortion that past actions have created. 

Most of my Akashic Insight sessions have to do with some aspect of these timelines including my own inquiry into my past soul fragmentations. 

The only way to full heal these distortions is speaking and clearing the field, otherwise, they can continue to loop and re-stimulate collective traumas. 

Now is the time to fully heal these distortions!!

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Ancient Timeline Mapping includes decoding multiple timelines including a mix of Akashic insight & Healing/update / light language. 

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