Founders Blueprints - Sacred Source

Codes of AN

*3 Month Creation Container

Group Journey* 

Join me for a NEW offering. The sacred source codes + seeds for the next phase of humanity came in this past week and I am being guided to open a 3 months space for all to come and be held.

Translation of codes received 

Time for individual work with in the 3 months

*3 month container* 

Starts Saturday, 5/8 - 3:33 pm 

🐬Light Codes / Key Codes
🐬Original Language
🐬Founders Council
🐬Zoom meetings - 2x month (6 meeting total)
🐬All meetings recorded 
🐬Private FB group 

Open to all!

Tentative schedule

Week 1 - Key Codes of Atlantis
Week 2 - Light Codes of Unification 
Week 3 - Source Codes of AN
Week 4 - Knowledge of Ancients ( Dragon Codes)
Week 5 - Translation Assistance w/what you’re receiving 
Week 6 - Individual Sessions

8-10 Spots Available

Exchange Sliding scale - $777 to $1111 

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