Lemurian Activation Portal

/ Codes of MU  
6 week Group Mentorship 

🌸Launching Sunday 9/12/21
 at 1:11 pm PST
then 5 additional Sundays 

Atlantis & Lemuria are merging as our Diamond Selves Update to re-Encode the Field of Awareness. 

We’ll visit the Lemurian / MU portal an activation journey through ancients and playful alignment with the dolphins, whales + dragons.

During our 6 week journey, we’ll activate the High heart connecting to the Cosmic Birthing Portal and visit the Ancient Portal of MU on the Island of Maui, Big Island & Kauai where I’ve been weaving magic in the grid starting in  October 2017. 

🌸Week 1 - Maui / Opening the Gates to Lemuria 
🌸Week 2 - Big Island / Pele and the Fire Dragons - Creation 
🌸Week 3 - Big Island / Twin Flame - Mauna Iki
🌸Week 4- Kauai - Grandmother Transmission
🌸Week 5 -  Kauai - Lemurian Portal of MU
🌸Week 6 - Final Activation / One on One Sessions

Meet 1x per week (6 meetings total)
All classes recording + available 
Private FB Group 

Exchange: $1111

$555 deposit due on registration 

Open to 6-8 Beloveds 

One on One Mentorship also available if the

dates/times don’t work for you- PM for details!

​Gratitude to the artist!

Register via PayPal or reach out for Invoice options!