🌟Light Language Mentorship w/Valerie

​NEW 3 month - Group Container 

🌟 Launching Sunday 4/15  

Join  Valerie Elster for a powerful opportunity to activate your individual divine blueprint and remembrance of the languages you inherently know within YOU!

Star language, light language, original tongue.. it’s called many things.

There are many star languages spoken on other planets, dimensions,

star systems, and universes.

The ability to speak is our divine birthright. These languages can ignite a remembrance, activate a connection to your soul or star family.

People often experience awakenings, shifts, spontaneous star-based and planetary memories, initiations or more.  

Everyone can speak at least one Light Language, for your original tongue is a language of your Soul! 

Sessions are 2 times per month via Zoom (@ 2 hours each) with homework/study in between and email access to me. 

3   month container - 2 sessions per month 

🌟 Study in a small one on one training - 5 participants maximum

🌟Activate a deeper sense of your soul 

🌟 Receive light language remembrance 

🌟Learn to tap deeper into your subconscious and Akashic Record

🌟 We'll access your Akashic Record and release any potential blocks to full remembrance


Virtual (Online) - Zoom





Valerie Elster, RMT, Akashic Field Therapy, Gem/Flower Essence Practitioner,

Matrix Energetics, Galactic Shaman.

Since 2004, Valerie has shared her expertise in

various modalities to facilitate a person's optimal healing and life alignment in the

areas of metaphysics, the healing arts, energy medicine, the Akashic Records

and Gem/Flower Essences.

Email: val@valerieelster.com

Office Phone: (424) 257-0620


Light Language

Group Mentorship