Ascension / Mastery Coaching
Soul Template Offerings

An integrated experience combining my intuitive tools, training, communion with the Divine and your Soul Template to uncover places were you might be stuck in your Earth journey.

I hold space and amplify your vision by offering insight and an innovative approach towards mastering your life’s work, your healing journey and your soul purpose.

As this is highly personalized, I offer a 3 or 6 month engagement where we meet (in person or Skype)

2 day intensive - Integrated experience combining my skills, communion with the Divine, your Soul Template, places were you might be “stuck” to include a combination of the following:
-Activating your Soul Template
-Clearing blocks in the Akashic Records - Unraveling Core Traumas, Fears, Beliefs and Ancestral Healing
-Insight into your Soul’s Purpose / ie. Internal (Self), External (Relationships), Cosmos/Universe
-Daily practice of meditation, orientation to higher dimensions
-Daily healing (utililzing methods listed above)

5 day intensive - Includes all of above listed services in 2 day intensive with the following additions:
-Training in Reiki Levels One and Two (Practitioner)
-Starmap and Star Origins Assessment and Channeling of messages, reconnection, etc.
-Daily healthy, organic vegan or raw meals

*Personal coaching services - One one One 

This offering is the result of years of diversified study and application in multiple modalities. I'm excited to offer you this deeply personalized, highly creative and life altering transformation. There is nothing out there like this!

Radically step into your power, your gifts and optimize your personal vibration and relationships.
Transform your ability to communicate effectively and deepen your relationship to yourself.

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