1 to 1 Mentorships With Valerie

1 to 1 mentorships with Valerie 

If you feel connected to my words and have been wanting to expand your multi dimensional self or perhaps you’re receiving downloads, codes or

light language and need help to discern or integrate, as well as learn from me

directly at what I've been facilitating since 2004.

Anything that can pull you in, keep you stuck needs to go to make room 

For your new wings 

A free heart 
Without guilt or obligation 
A total surrender to what was 
So what “can be” can enter your soul! 

It’s YOUR experience of me that you will receive

I will shape shift into whatever experience you want to have

It might be a picture, a song, some shamanic work, dragon growling or many other potentials as I operate at zero point 

I might shape shift  into your mother or father, brother or ancient one 

There’s no defining what that may be!

My sessions are highly personalized and what comes through is meant for you in that moment, which can include transmuting from the Emotional Field including:

- Ancestral Healing
- Energy Mastery
- Accessing your own Akashic Record
Galactic / Star Council 
Ancient Grids / Blueprints from Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt

Mentoring involves meeting in person or Skype (outside of LA) 2-3 times per month to delve into a range of options which are totally tailored to your individual needs. 

If you’re ready to engage with me, fill out an application here or reach out directly to me here on FB or mentorme@valerieelster.com 

If you have questions, book a 15 minute consult through my booking link above. 
In divine love & service!