We're back and the the trip was AMAZING!! See pics above.. 

This is a Queen's Trip to activate codes in the Valley of Kings..

Journey the activation portal of the sacred Nile River Valley of Egypt over Summer Solstice.
An epic adventure to re-ground and activate the Ancient Royal Codes.
Merging the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

A Journey of Unity and Oneness.

Travel for ten days, through some of the world's most sacred lands, monuments and temples,
walk ancient cities that will ignite a sacred rememberance within.

Allow your mind, body, and spirit to receive the activations and divine messages, participate in initiations,
sacred ceremonies, healing rituals, meditation, dance and soul much more!

Sailing up the Sacred Nile river on the luxurious Afandina, allow your soul to be taken back to ancient
memories of living as Divinity on Earth. Along with visiting sacred lands, immerse yourself in the divine gifts of Akashic Record

Readings, Light Language, Yoga, Meditation, Essential Oils, and Consciousness Expanding workshops...

Facilitated by:
Jessica Jones, Valerie Elster and Jamie Anne Love
(See Bio's Below)
We'll be lovingly ushered through this Sacred Land by Essmat Sonay, an Egyptologist,

General Manager at Ministry of Antiquities and Egyptologist Tour Guide.

Travel Itinerary:
Cairo, *Great Pyramids / Sphinx / Egyptian museum

Fly to Aswan / Fly to Abu Simble
*Temple of Ursa-Ma'at-Ra (Ramses11)
*Temple of Queen Nefertari
Board the Luxury Private Afandina - 5 Star cruise charter
*Visit temple of Auset at Philae Island, The unfinished taken (obelisk), Explore Elephantine Island
*Sail to Kom Ombo temple, Sail to EDFU, Sail to Luxor
Full day visit to Dendara Temple
*Valley of the kings (3 tombs)
*Queen Hatshepsut's funerary temple, Habu Medina temple, Colossi of Memnon

King Tut (optional), Temple of Amon (Karnak)
*Luxor Temple
*Great Pyramids / Sphinx / Egyptian museum
*Farewell Dinner
Day 11 - Monday 6/26
*Final Departure

Energetic Investment:
$4888 after DUE on registration

We will be traveling as a small group of high-resonance, heart-vibrations dedicated to personal and global transformation.
*Because of the sacred nature of this journey, itineary can change somewhat

*Rate includes:
-All Transfers at /Aswan /Luxor / Cairo
-Tour Guide within Egypt
-Inside Flights with Egypt Air / Cairo / Luxor / Aswan/ Cairo
-All Tours as per our program in / Cairo / Luxor /aswan
-New Bus all the way in Cairo /luxor / aswan
-7 nights on The Afandina Cruise a PRIVATE 5-star Charter
- 04 Nights on Half Board at El Salam Concorde Cairo (dinner and breakfast)
-Arrival Visa upon Arrival at Cairo airport
-All Entrance fees , Services charge, Current taxes, portage & vat
-Mineral water & snacks
-VIP Treatment at all hotel & on cruise

-Flights to/from Cairo
-Entrance fees inside Egyptian Museum ( Mummy Room ) & King Tut Tombs in Luxor
-Entrance fees Inside Cheops Pyramids
- Tips, Drinks or any Extra Meal and any optional tours
For more detailed itinerary, questions please contact us

To Register:
Email: velster@icloud.com 
Call:  Valerie Elster - 424-257-5509

Jessica Jones is a true divine gift. Her clear channel and connection to Universal love wisdom allows her to be a catalyst for the evolutionary growth of humanity at this time. She has dedicated her whole life to breaking souls free from the matrix through activating the sacred remembrance of our omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient nature.

A highly sought after spiritual strategist and Reiki master healer, she is a maven at deconstructing outdated karmic programs of the mind, and anchoring light codes to unlock the individual’s highest soul calling. Known as an ancient soul wizard, she’s spent lifetimes studying with incredible master teachers, and her passion for spreading esoteric truth, unity and peace on Earth is her mission. She embodies and shares a vast array of spiritual disciplines, yoga, meditation and breathe to present a non-dogmatic way of connecting one to their highest self. Her approach to spirit is holistic and incorporates all aspects of our multiverse, leaving no realm untouched by her love.

Valerie Elster is a Los Angeles-based Emissary of Peace, a Galactic Shaman, and an Evolutionary Architect transmitting a Galactic frequency since 2012.She facilitates multi-dimensional healing sessions, consciousness workshops and sacred ceremonies since 2004, utilizing her diverse background as a Reiki Master Teacher, Akashic Field Therapy Worldwide Trainer, Matrix Energetics and Flower/Gem Essences.

2012 was a pivotal year that launched her on an epic journey of soul remembrance and reconnection with anchoring the Gaia Grids, downloading Atlantean codes, communing with the Galactic Council, and receiving guidance from Ancients and Ascended Masters.
Since then, she’s been co-creating the New Earth blueprint utilizing this deep soul remembrance as well updating the Star Nations council codes and finalizing a new conscious software methodology that parallels human consciousness and optimizes decision making.

Jamie Anne Love is a multifaceted entrepreneur with a degree in mortuary science, public speaker in the health & wellness industry, and a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. She uses essential oils and other tools to aid in times of transition. Jamie gives support to allow clarity & space to be present in their life in every moment, without judgment of them or anyone else. Jamie’s unique approach encourages you to let go of what isn't working for you in favor of pragmatic tools that can easily transform emotional, physical and energetic dis-ease into peace and harmony.
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