​Akashic Insight / Soul Empowerment Sessions 

Your subconscious mind runs most of your actions and reactions. 

Each session reveals deep sub conscious patterns that you might be unaware running your life. Past experiences that have shaped you. 

You might have worked consciously at letting go, but most people have aspects of  past experiences that have not been fully released and/or integrated 

Each session identifies 4-6 patterns, including core issues (fears, beliefs, traumas), routines, etc.

Akashic Field Therapy

My sessions focus on allowing you to unravel Trauma at the deepest level utilizing my main modality

Akashic Field Therapy, which addresses and releases patterns in the subconscious.  

🌟Akashic Field Therapy takes an in depth look into any unresolved core traumatic experiences that can create

repeating patterns of limiting behaviors, emotional blocks, irrational fears or negative beliefs.  

🌟Traumatic memories arising from the Akashic Field create our subconscious blocks and this method
identifies what is specifically holding you back from your authentic self.​ 

🌟During each session, there is a lot of processing, releasing, and transmuting of energies in the mental,

emotional, and physical energy bodies. It can feel like a “talk therapy” session. 

🌟I am attuned to the Akashic Field and my sessions provide in-depth information about your soul's

journey and life path by accessing different dimensions of consciousness, reading subtle energy.

🌟Each Life Program covers One area or time in your life and I recommend a minimum of threeLife

Programs to provide insight and unravel what is blocking your soul's growth. 

🌟In each session, we review Core Isses (Trauma, Fears, Beliefs) as well as secondary patterns in either a

Skype or Phone call that are blocking your full soul expression. 

🌟If you're interested in a session, use the Paypal link to purchase and contact me with a preferred day/time.

I will need some basic information in order to pull your specific Akashic Record.  (Full name & DOB)

I'm an Advanced AFT Practitioner and Master Trainer in practice for  over 10 years and have facilitated thousands of AFT sessions and have taught over 50 classes.

Timeline Mapping Session 

Timeline Mapping is an intense and deep process that requires focus, navigation on many levels, and several hours of devotional inquiry into your Akashic Record. Includes decoding multiple timelines including a mix of Akashic insight & Healing/update

What I found is that some beloveds are running patterns from one or more timelines that are longer serving them so that’s what I’ll be looking for 😊🌈💛

Ascension / Mastery Coaching

3 months/6 months/Yearly 


Personal coaching services - One one One 
This offering is the result of years of diversified study and application in multiple modalities. I'm excited to offer you this deeply personalized, highly creative and life altering transformation. There is nothing out there like this!

Radically step into your power, your gifts and optimize your personal 

vibration and relationships.

Transform your ability to communicate effectively and deepen your 

relationship to yourself.

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