Light Language is a cosmically channelled frequency that I refer to as light transmissions.

Light transmissions can be channelled in many different forms. 

People speak and sing it, some people draw symbols and sacred geometry and some people channel the frequency and express it through dance and movement. 

Light transmissions are an ancient Universal communication system, a forgotten multi-dimensional healing tool.  A beautiful and sacred gift being brought forward a  gnd remembered to assist and raise the vibration of Gaia and all of humanity, bringing consciousness to the collective.

Light transmissions are to be felt and experienced, not understood by the conscious mind. It bypasses all that we know and understand. Activating those who are ready to receive.

I channel this frequency from what I now understand to be my multi-dimensional self, with guidance from Galactic star beings.

Light Language is the Language of the Soul!


Ancient Timeline Mapping Sessions 

If you’re still holding onto energies from one of more of the ancient timelines, it’s time to fully release/surrender into this now moment. 

My Ancient Timeline Mapping includes:

*Decoding multiple timelines including a mix of

*Akashic insight


*Light language Attunement

*Karmic Release 

A multidimensional look into the root cause, insight and healing!

Use the Booking Calendar above to schedule your Mapping Session!

1 hour via Zoom, session recorded

Private Sessions